Meet Xiao

Xiao is a young mother who lives in a tea growing region in rural Yunnan, China. Xiao has a little girl who was frequently sick as a baby. Xiao’s village was part of our Child Health project with Save the Children in Yunnan, and she participated in several of the health awareness sessions run by the village doctor. She now feels that she has a better understanding of how to take good care of her little girl who does not get sick as often anymore.



Supporting Child Health in Yunnan, China

Our partnership with Save the Children begun in 2004, and since 2014 we have focused on reducing the mortality rate of children under the age of 5 and to support caregivers in Cangyuan County in Yunnan province, a rural and remote tea growing area of Western China. The project delivers training for village healthcare providers so that they can better look after mothers and their children, from advice on breastfeeding and vaccinations, to how to identify and treat common childhood illnesses.

Meet Xiao
Meet Xiao

We feel we have a unique opportunity to help children in these communities through our direct tea sourcing operations in Yunnan province, China.

So far more than 7,000 children have been directly impacted and over 14,000 caregivers supported.

Xiao explains, “I think what the village doctor taught is really useful for my child. I was blank about the knowledge and no one told me that before. Now I know much more than before and I always share the knowledge and skills which I learned with my neighbours and relatives. My child is healthier and does not always get sick as before.”

Advocacy with local government is a large component of the project to make sure that it is sustainable and can be scaled up to reach thousands more children in the region. Save the Children presented the findings of the programme to the Minister of Health in Beijing to promote the model to be rolled out nationwide.

We believe that children deserve the best possible start in life and are committed to making this possible in the communities from which we source in Yunnan.

Meet Xiao

Save the Children and Twinings have been in partnership for 13 years. In that time, we have helped transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children in China. We are delighted to now be exploring new and ambitious ways that our partnership can achieve even greater impact and transformational change, by building sustainable tea communities in China where children and young people can thrive.” 

Mairead King, Head of Account Management, Save the Children