Sanitation in Assam

In 2017 we started an exciting new two-year project in partnership with Mercy Corps and three prominent producer companies in Assam, India, to improve the sanitation situation across several tea estates.




Implementing sanitation in Assam, India

Following Twinings Community Needs Assessments conducted in 2016, we were able to identify and prioritize needs of communities in our supply chain in Assam.

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is one of the most significant issues faced by tea workers, which impacts on their health and livelihoods. Many of the families living on tea gardens lack access to basic services, such as clean water and adequate sanitation facilities.

Sanitation in Assam
Sanitation in Assam

This programme is an innovative and unique partnership between Twinings, Mercy Corps and three major producer companies in Assam, which started in 2017 to address the needs of the tea workers and their families, accelerate improvements in the industry regarding facilities provided to workers on tea garden and bring sustainable change.

We aim to build 600 latrines and bathing enclosures on 6 tea gardens and to benefit at least 4,000 individuals. But building latrines alone will not have the expected results without the right knowledge, so this is why we are also conducting hygiene awareness campaigns on each garden, with the aim to reach 21,600 people, including 6,200 children.

We are really excited to start this project and look forward to start seeing the results!